No Poo?

ImageThis is a photo of me with drab looking hair… Have you ever walked down that road where you are just wanting to do everything you can to live chemical free? I am at that point in my life, now. I have a hard time with the no poo method. No poo is completely eliminating shampoo. I tried the baking soda and water method and conditioned with apple cider vinegar. I don’t know what I was doing wrong, but my hair just felt and looked like straw. I then started using a castile soap type shampoo, then a shea butter bar of soap. My hair was looking good. In between shampoos I use a dry shampoo. I did not have to use any products in my hair and it gave me alot of body.  I did this shampooing for 9 months, but my hair just looks drab.  I still use the dry shampoo and  just recently found a shampoo bar that I absolutely love! I noticed that this shampoo bar has sodium lauryl sulfate ( which I try to stay away from)  and now my hair is flat! What is your take on no poo? Does it work for you?

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