My New Shampoo bar


So a few days ago, I decided that I would give up on the baking soda and apple cider vinegar way of cleansing my hair. I am totally done with that method yet I am determined to wash my hair without chemicals! So getting back to my shampoo bar that I was happy with,( yet it made my hair flat) I decided to get on the internet and research this bar. Now why weren’t all of the ingredients listed on the display shelf at the store? So as I’m looking at the product online, I realized it has SLS. This is a known skin irritant yet its not cancer causing. So I decide that I will just continue using it. What’s wrong with having only one chemical in my hair, right? Then I start thinking… Well, maybe I should try completely natural? After all, that is what my mission is all about (creating and formulating affordable Naturally Pure Products). After searching for a Shampoo Bar, I found one! Etsy it was! I ordered myself an all natural shampoo bar! It arrived yesterday, yes! Now this excites me! Why? idk. Hahaha

So this morning I washed my hair with my new Shampoo Bar and I LOVE it! I think I have found my shampoo. No chemicals or cancer causing agents in this bar, Yay! I have ordered more for the rest of my family and until I learn to make my own chemical free, all natural shampoo, this is what I will be using. Mission Complete!!

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