Naturally Pure Shampoo

10489846_905218272827406_326618463342862967_nNaturally Pure Shampoo is on the production table! Yes, Yes and Yes again!  I have struggled with shampoo and the chemicals that are in them and haven’t used store bought shampoo in 2 years. After using different methods of washing my hair, I was detemined to create an all natural shampoo to add  to our product line.  4 months ago here on our blog, I decided to try to formulate a shampoo and here it is!  4 months later and  I have shampoo! I have accomplished it and it is now being tested.  Why purchase the products that we use daily, from another company? We need to offer this within our own company and finally I have formulated one and it is working! It cleanses and doesn’t leave my hair feeling like I still have oil in it. It is moisturizing and leaves my hair SHINY! It is formulated with Aloe Vera, avocado oil (contains collagen, amino acids, protein and vitamin A) Sucrose cocoate (an emollient made from sugar beets and coconut oil), glycerin for moisture, Panthenol (protein  vitamin B5), xanthan gum to thicken and silk protein to add luster and shine. That is it! Just a few ingredients and it still does a great job at cleansing yet doesn’t strip the hair,  leaving it dry and drab!

Next on the list is Naturally Pure Conditioner and Naturally Pure Body Wash. Our shampoo will be on our website and ready to purchase soon. In the meantime, here is a Natural Hairspray that you can make at home. We use this daily in our home.  This recipe is shared with love, from our home to yours.♥

Natural Hairspray

UPDATE: Our Shampoo, Body Wash and Conditioner are on the website. Click here

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