Chayote Squash

We are off to an awesome 2015! The holidays are behind us and the sugary foods are gone! We are back on track with our diet. Our family has been living a Paleo Lifestyle for 2 years now, actually more Primal than Paleo. For those of you unfamiliar with this lifestyle, let me explain a bit.

We eat protein with every meal, good fats, and vegetables. Fruit is limited but is still consumed. For me, I stay away from fruit unless it is berries. Fruit has too much sugar which raises my insulin. Sugar is not consumed except for raw honey and  real maple syrup. We also eat raw nuts and plenty of eggs. No processed foods as well. Coconut oil is a staple in our house. Feed the brain good fats and lower your risk of Alzheimer’s Disease (that’s another post I’ll have to write about). Momma has Alzheimers.

We avoid potatoes. Potatoes have 37 g of carbs and cause insulin spikes. Here is where the Chayote Squash comes into play. We picked these chayotes from my Dad’s garden and he told me to make it like a baked potato. OMG! I made it and it was SO similar to a potato. Yet, get this, the chayote squash only has 6 g of carbs! Yay, we have now found a substitute for mashed potatoes, baked potatoes and any other way we would eat potatoes.

Chayote Squash

Chayote Squash

We are so thrilled about this that we took a chayote squash that was sprouting and planted it! It’s growing. We planted it in a pot and will transplant it once it takes off. These grow on a vine, so this will be a beautiful landscape as well as great for our health. Look for them in a Hispanic market. We got lucky by finding this in Dad’s backyard. Another wonderful fact about this squash is that the whole plant is edible. Yep – all of it. From the roots to the tip of the vine and everything in between including the big seed inside the squash. Learn more about Chayote and the nutritional and medicinal benefits it provides at

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