Living with Migraine Headaches, Oh my!

Migraine headaches are a Pain! Yep, literally! They put you in bed anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

I am so happy that I have only had a couple in my lifetime. Yet, my daughter has been plagued the last 8 years with them. They started at the age of 12! Poor girl, she had a lot of sleepovers with friends that would also put her in bed the next day. She also had many sleepovers that she had to decline. Now most likely this was contributed to not enough sleep and crappy food. Excuse my language, but all the junk food and processed foods these kids eat now a days, are doing a number on our kids. You can’t control what your kids eat when away from home, right? You can tell them not to eat this and that, but when they are with friends and they can’t eat pizza, um, they are going to eat it anyways. We found out that pepperoni pizza causes Migraines for my daughter as well as MSG which is in ranch dressing. She ate ranch with so many foods. So when looking at labels, look for msg or monosodium glutamate.  Fresh and Easy is the only place that I have found a Ranch dressing without msg or propylene glycol. It’s best to make it yourself, but sometimes you just can’t make it all.   We eventually weaned our whole family from processed foods, to whole foods and then eventually to a Paleo Diet.

She would get 2 to 3 migraines a week, so Doc sent her for a MRI. That came back just fine. So Doc put her on birth control pills to help with hormonal headaches. My daughter also suffers with Hashimoto Thyroiditis, she would wake up with headaches and the Endocrinologist said the headaches had to do with her thyroid and how your body works throughout the night. Ok, but what can we do? Nothing…. Just take Ibuprofen.

After that we sent her to a different Endo and he tells her, that he wants her off the birth control. Yay, Yay, because mom didn’t want her taking this stuff! After 6 months of seeing this Doctor with no help, we decided to try an alternative doctor. This Doctor has changed our lives! Dr. Pfau at Renaissance Health Centre was a Godsend.  By this time we were already eating Real Food. No processed foods and were eating gluten free. Every now and then we’d cave and have bread and pizza and pasta. NO NO NO. We learned the hard way. Migraines were coming again.

Long story short… Dr Pfau helped her so much! Acupuncture and homeopathic remedies really work! Remedies for so many different ailments, hormones, depression, no energy, emotional. You Know, all the feeling teenagers have to deal with.

Migraines are now only around her menses. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen do not help her. They don’t even touch it. Prescription pain meds don’t either, she just throws up. So I have had to find natural ways to help her. During this time we have started our Naturally Pure Bath and Body Business. Natural products without the endocrine disruptors. You can read more here.

Here are some of the remedies we use with her. Petodolux, a natural product made from Butterbur. This is something you need to take daily. That has come and gone, but will always be something to go back to, if her migraines come back.

So now when she feels a migraine coming on, she will use our Naturally Pure Releave. This is a spray that helps give her relief.  Made with hemp oil, arnica oil, black currant seed oil and essential oil.

Magnesium  also helps, so she will take a bath in our Bubbling Bath Salts.

We will make her a Migraine Relief Smoothie. I am not sure why exactly this helps, but it does.

Try this….


One thought on “Living with Migraine Headaches, Oh my!

  1. Your products would have been wonderful back when I used to suffer from migraines. I can tell you put a lot of thought into the ingredients as the essential oils are definitely soothing – for use with any headache or tension. 🙂 I used to suffer from migraines for over 20 years. Like your daughter, I used hormones (ortho evra patch) to avoid the peaks and dips throughout the month that would surly bring on a whammy migraine. I tried to avoid foods – and nothing worked. I tried chiropractic and yoga to relieve stress. For a long time, I used 5HTP and Seratonin from a migraine prevention website which reduced the number of migraines and reduced them by about 25%. However, two years ago I was introduced to a supplement that has virtually eliminated my migraines! I still get an aura as if one will be coming on, but then nothing happens! The auras have only happened a few times in the past year. I continue to eat mainly vegetarian and 90% organic as well as drink alkaline water(the kind which contains magnesium). I shared the website with your daughter today and I look forward to hearing what she thinks. I would be happy to share it with anyone who wishes to contact me. I wouldn’t publish anything to your blog without your permission.


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