The 3rd Step in Skincare, Moisture.

So we have learned about cleansing acne prone skin and then following up with a hydrosol toner. Now we will learn about moisturizer and serum.

Moisturizer is needed to add hydration to the skin. By adding hydration, the skin is protected from dryness, which may prevent premature aging.  For those of you in a desert climate, I know you agree that you can never have enough moisture! An added benefit of applying moisturizer is that your foundation will go on smoother.

Moisturizer is usually made up of water and oils, made to hydrate the skin. By applying serum and cream to your skin, it gets nourished from the outside which is just as important as nourishing from within!.

STEP 3   Serum and/or Moisturizer

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Acne? Spot treat with our Acne Serum or use it as your facial moisturizer. It’s made with jojoba oil, grapefruit seed oil and skin healing essential oil and that’s it. We keep it simple! Jojoba is non-comediogenic and grapefruit seed oil is awesome at diminishing scars, which of course may be present after a breakout and the essential oils are antibacterial to shut down that zit! Apply it to your problem areas or your entire face.

Once breakouts have healed and skin is clear, start applying Glow to fade the scars acne leaves behind.

Scars, fine lines, uneven skin tone? Apply our Rosehip & Primrose oil. Evening Primrose Oil is soothing, reduces itch and smooths the skin.  It’s loaded  with antioxidants and is gentle enough to use daily. Rosehip Seed Oil is added which contains fatty acids (omega 3,6 and 9) which are nourishing to the skin. Full of vitamins c, e and a. It is easily absorbed into the skin for deep moisturization. Restores skin’s vitality.  For best results, use 2x daily.

Aging skin? We suggest using Argan oil. Hydrate and soften your skin by applying argan oil as a daily moisturizer. Argan oil is not greasy and will not clog pores. It is often referred to as liquid gold. Full of vitamin e and fatty acids which are great qualities when looking for age defying results.

Our facial creams are made with all natural ingredients and are paraben free.  We have for all skin types!  Lavender for normal skin…Rose for dry skin and Calendula for mature or sun damaged skin. Hydration is the key to beautiful skin! Drink plenty of water and what you put into your body reflects through your skin.  Quit the sugary drinks and fatty foods, and replace them with healthy alternatives and your skin will glow!

Here’s a recap…..First, face wash, African Black Soap or microfiber cloth. Second, use a toner (it removes what cleansers leave behind). Third, Serum/Moisturizer (hydrates) and last but not least, Eat healthy and drink plenty of water. Your skin depends on it!


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