Allergies, ugh!


Allergies, omg! Now is the season many allergy sufferers begin their suffering. I woke up this morning with a runny nose and itchy throat! Omg how annoying. I won’t take over the counter drugs unless it’s a homeopathic remedy,  so I sent my husband to wholefoods and he found a homeopathic allergy relief pill that I dissolve on my tongue, this actually seems to be helping.

We have a palo verde tree right on the backside of our backyard wall. Wind just makes the pollen drop everywhere. Now that it’s all over the backyard, here come the dogs. They get the pollen in their fur and then here they come bringing it all into the house. I am so glad we don’t have carpet. All the pollen would just get trapped in there.

“Sneeze”, sneeze and now I can’t stop! That pill must be wearing off.  I don’t usually suffer from allergies, thank God! Is this season different? Why is it actually affecting me today? Ok, time to make an aromatherapy inhaler. I love essential oils. I used rosemary, rosalina, peppermint and frankincense and my nose is no longer running. Wow that seemed to have helped!

My son, has dealt with allergies all his life. He is completely stuffed up, poor kid! I have 3 kids and he’s the baby (19 Yrs old now) and he is the only one with allergies.   I am convinced that he has allergies because I didn’t breast feed him long enough. I only breastfed him for 2 months. I wish I didn’t listen to the doctor back then. Doc told me to supplement him with formula because he wasn’t getting enough. So I did and then he got used to the bottle. What a mistake! I wish the internet was available to me then. There is so much information out there. I could have just pumped breast milk, drank tea to help me produce more and fed him that from the bottle! My first 2 were breastfed for a whole year and are just fine. OMG regrets, regrets, actually I think that’s another blog post. Maybe I should do one on the benefits of breast feeding. Hmmmm?

Ok, so I have a different homeopathic allergy pill for my son since he deals with a lot of congestion. He went off to work, so when he gets home, I will find out how much that pill has helped him.  He works 10 hours a day, so after a long day at work, I’m going to have an inhaler ready for him with Cedarwood, lavender and tea tree. All these oils help with congestion as well as headache. They are soothing and relaxing, which should help with sinus headache (which may come from a stuffy nose). I will let you know how this helps him. As for myself, my trusty inhaler has stopped my runny nose! Yes!

Every morning during allergy season, keep your immunity boosted by drinking warm water with lemon and honey. This drink is also great to detox the body while boosting the immune system.

Today I am sharing, how I make inhalers with this formula for allergies with stuffy nose.

1 blank inhaler (you can find that here) or use a piece of cotton and place in a baggie.

5 drops cedarwood (reduces congestion)

5 drops tea tree  (anit-infectious)

5 drops lavender  (reduces swollen sinuses)

When making an inhaler use a total of 15 drops. You can also use a drop of essential oil on the shower floor and the steam brings up the oil into the air and then inhale the oil. My favorite thing to do is to place 2 drops  of essential oil, such as eucalyptus, in a sink full of hot water and place a towel over your head, close your eyes (keep them closed) and inhale the steam.

What all natural remedies do you use? Please share.

Update: We used Outdoor Allergy (homeopathic) by bioallers. Allergies only lasted 3 days. Worked amazing!

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