Allergies, ugh!

  Allergies, omg! Now is the season many allergy sufferers begin their suffering. I woke up this morning with a runny nose and itchy throat! Omg how annoying. I won’t take over the counter drugs unless it’s a homeopathic remedy,  so I sent my husband to wholefoods and he found a homeopathic allergy relief pill […]

How to Cleanse Acne Prone Skin, Ugh!

Sometimes cleansing your skin can be confusing. We’ve spent a lot of years with our teenage kids trying  to find out what causes breakouts and how to heal them. We are on child #3 and dealing with his skin issues and have finally found a solution. From dealing  with two previous children here is what […]

Naturally Pure Shampoo

Naturally Pure Shampoo is on the production table! Yes, Yes and Yes again!  I have struggled with shampoo and the chemicals that are in them and haven’t used store bought shampoo in 2 years. After using different methods of washing my hair, I was detemined to create an all natural shampoo to add  to our […]